Our capability incorporates the design, manufacture and “in-system” creation of leading edge RF PA’s that push the boundaries of technology while maintaining high reliability through product life.

These can be designed for operation in CW or Pulsed applications and especially where the application demands wide band highly efficient performance.

Our capabilities include modules, pallets and rack mounted systems within the following ranges:

  • 20MHz-20GHz
  • Powers up to several hundred watts
  • Technologies include; Gallium Nitride (GaN), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs),
  • MMIC’s and LDMOS
  • Sargas technology is Antares Ultra Fast on board switching


High Speed, High Power Switching utilising latest PIN diode and GaN technology, normally used for Transmit/Receive duplexing. Multi-octave broadband designs typically covering the frequency range 20 MHz to 6 GHz at power levels exceeding 100 Watts. Our high power switching solutions are robust by design and withstand the harsh operating conditions our customers’ systems are required to function in, such as extremely poor VSWR and high temperature


These can be designed into our products to cover customer requirements and include broadband detection and high levels of isolation and power handling.


We specialise in broadband, wide dynamic range fast-scanning Receivers with particular emphasis on low SWaP profile (Size, Weight and Power). With bandwidths covering the frequency range several kHz to 6 GHz,  our receiver solutions employ proprietary techniques for “best in class” scan rate and dynamic range.


Our capability across the firmware and software domains enables us to equip our products with a contemporary digital interface, offering ease of integration into our Customer’s systems and giving rise to a number of unique and advanced features, including comprehensive Built-in-Test (BIT), Telemetry and Protection.

Latest Product Releases


Videocast #1 – Product Release VM1J-i RF Power Amplifier

We join Paul Deacon (Technical Director) and Lee Pomeroy (Research & Development Director) on our new product release, the VM1J-i solid-state high-power RF Amplifier. You can find our Videocast #1 VM1J-i solid state high-power amplifier video on YouTube.