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Incorporated in early 2010 Antares Defence Systems Ltd based in the West of England, is a privately owned business which was formed to address the specific requirements of the Defence sector for RF and Microwave Sub Systems.

Meet Antares Defence Systems with our Video Tour

Product Videocasts


Building an Antares Power Amplifier

Check out our new video of us building an RF amplifier!


Videocast #2 – Intelligent PA Range Power Amplifiers

Join us on our Videocast #2, where Lee Pomeroy explains to us the benefits of our intelligent PA Range Amplifiers.


Videocast #1 – Product Release VM1J-i RF Power Amplifier

We join Paul Deacon (Technical Director) and Lee Pomeroy (Research & Development Director) on our new product release, the VM1J-i solid-state high-power RF Amplifier. You can find our Videocast #1 VM1J-i solid state high-power amplifier video on YouTube.